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  • This isn't a discussion. There are lots of forums, blogs, etc. to handle discussions of these topics. To keep people from trying to turn our Snapshot into a conversation, if you want to submit your own position, you have to do it before you read the topic page.
  • Please refer only to your own position and it's supporting evidence and logic. Statements that try to debunk opposing positions, while they might be useful in some other context, are not the purpose of this project. The purpose of this project is not to convince others of anything, only to let them know where you stand and why.
  • Please be as thorough as you possibly can. Remember that your statement needs to explain your position to people who think that you and everyone who agrees with you are complete numbskulls.
  • If you know anybody with a political viewpoint, especially people who disagree with you, point them in our direction.

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